You're after some hints and tips to help you become the skilled boater that you want to be. There's no list of standard courses here, because it's all about you and everybody's different. We'll start by chatting about where you're at and what you want to achieve. Then we need to find just the right environment where you can stretch yourself but still have enough spare brain to be aware of what you're doing. If we get those first two things right, the rest of the day will be a hoot. At the end of the day we'll go for a coffee* and set some homework. Some exercises that you can get on with in your own time, together with some simple checks so you know if they're working or not.

It costs £150 to hire me for a day. A bit more if I need to drive for ages or bring a load of extra kit. People at this level tend to have most of their own kit, but I'm happy to bring extra boats, paddles and toys along for you to try.

*Other beverages are available

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